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My name is Mateusz, but you can call me Mati.

I write and speak 

about podcasting, 

on-demand audio & voice technology.

This is me

Storytelling is one of the oldest traditions all human beings all around the world share. Humans are made to listen and tell stories. This makes spoken word a magical thing. On-demand audio is, in it's essence, nothing new. It has just been undervalued for very long.

But not anymore.


With the raise of podcasting, on-demand audio streaming and voice assistants, spoken word has become one of the most attractive, innovative and relevant media channels available today.

Future of Audio  Podcasts 
Voice & smart assistants 

 Technology   Programming

Digital media    Innovation 

Forward thinker

I work in podcasting, and write about on-demand audio & voice

Having a strong technical background, and at the same time working as strategist and CEO of Podigee, Germany's largest podcast hosting and analytics company puts me in a pretty unique and privileged position.

I often get access to information that is usually not available to the broad public. I talk to people in the industry and get a first-hand report of their experiences and opinions. On my blog I use this knowledge to analyze the trends and the market as a whole and share it with you.

On a private note, I'm in my mid-thirties, European born in Poland. Father of a 3-year old boy, father-to-be of another one. I live with my partner in the wild and inspiring city of Berlin in Germany. I've lived in 4 different countries, and speak 5 languages fluently, currently on a quest for mastering two more.

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